Blockchain PR teams up with ICO advisory firm VOX

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It’s been less than one month since I launched Blockchain PR and there are some exciting news on the horizon – I’m proud to team up with startup and ICO advisory firm VOX.

To me it seemed like a natural progression, and here is why. I started Blockchain PR because companies that use the blockchain technology need a specialized marketing strategy. Companies need someone that understands their needs and the dynamic of the sector.

New ICO projects are created everyday and fundraising is a big challenge. That’s why my partnership with VOX makes sense – they will come in with their advisory expertise. By outsourcing your fundraising to us you will jump the hurdles of finding relevant investors.

“At VOX we believe that startups are the cornerstone of innovation. ICO is simply one way to attract investments, so we are agnostic: both equities or tokens are valid and valuable approaches”, adds Stefano Virgilli, CEO at VOX.

VOX has a dedicated team to contact and engage investors, crypto funds, venture capitals and funds all over the world. With over 2000 outgoing messages per months, they are able to pitch your project (both startup and ICO) to at least 30 interested parties every 4 weeks. This is not a sales team, but an investor relations group.

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Main photo: Stefano Virgilli at VOX Singapore