Here is why you should start a podcast for your business

So, it seems that everyone has a podcast today, doesn’t it? But why should your company have one?

Podcasts are an easier way to build trust for your brand and create a better relationship with your customers. You’ve got an opportunity to show people how you product or service can add value to your client’s business and they will feel comfortable investing in you.

You might say you are a B2B company with a very specific type of client or your product or service is too niche, so your audience would be “too small”. Ironically, starting a podcast is one of the best ways to BUILD an audience. Whatever big or small, your chances to build a loyal and engaging audience is through a podcast.

When someone decides to listen to a podcast they’ll usually listen to the entire episode, so there’s a good chance they will listen to another episode and subscribe to the podcast. 

People usually don’t have time to read a blog post – let’s say, the average blog post is 700 words long, which is a 5-minute read. How many blog posts someone has time to read in a day? Between work and family time, I’d say, not so many. 

With a podcast you will be producing content that it’s easy to consume. I usually listen to podcasts while I’m doing other activities, like working or at the gym for instance. That’s why in some ways, a podcast is better than a video, you don’t need to be looking at your phone or computer screen to hear it. 

Another good point is, recording a podcast is somewhat easier than writing a blog post. I like writing and I do it often, but it’s very time consuming with all revisions and proof-reading. There are a lot of easy ways to record a podcast, sometimes what you will need is only your mobile phone. 

Podcasting allows you to create an amazing piece of content without having to go through countless revisions. In fact, the more conversational and casual it is, the better it will connect with your audience.

I’m a firm believer in building a personal brand, especially for B2B businesses. What’s most important is that your business has a personality – after all, people buy from people!

That’s why I started my own podcast, cleverly named Blockchain PR Podcast – the idea behind to have an informative and yet casual chat with startups, developers and whoever is interested in blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

The Blockchain PR podcast is available on Spotify:

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