Digital SME lender Mynt challenges “Big Banks” in Sweden

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Last January, during FinDec’s launch party, I had a pleasure to meet Baltsar Sahlin (picture left), CEO of fintech Mynt, which provides loans for small businesses.

Baltsar said that in 2019, Mynt will focus on their product and will need more input on PR and customer communication and together with Blockchain PR, would be ready to reach a bigger consumer-base beyond Sweden.

So, welcome Mynt to the Blockchain PR family!

Mynt app

Baltsar and his team started Mynt in 2017 because small businesses shy away from seeking financial support in the traditional banking system due to slow application processes and high service fees. Mynt came to cater to those seeking a digital, fast and fair way to get business funding.

Here is a quick interview with Baltsar:

Ana Paula: So Baltsar, Mynt provides loans for small businesses but how is Mynt different from other fintech companies providing the same service?

Baltsar: We allow companies to get a revolving credit, all online in our system. There is no other service like ours, that can give a small business a revolving line of credit, in Sweden, or Europe for that matter. We can integrate our service in accounting systems or invoicing systems. Our platform is built ground up and is easy to integrate. Mynt is aiming to be the most automated product there is for small business financing.

“Mynt is aiming to be the most automated product there is for small business financing. “

Baltsar Sahlin, CEO at Mynt

AP: Being a small business owner myself, I’m always looking for financial products that offer lower interest rates, how does Mynt positions itself?

B: We are a cheaper than other traditional lending institutions offering small business loans – thanks to our data driven credit scoring. There are about 50 or so companies doing invoice financing or business loans. We can remove companies that are not creditworthy with our algorithms, and in return offer better and fairer rates for companies that do qualify for a loan.

AP: Applying for a loan is always a daunting process but you mentioned that all the credit scoring and application process are done online which makes it much easier – How does that work?

B: We have a product, that allows companies to be in control. While we are happy to talk to our clients and potential clients, we also have a fully digital product that lets the company do everything themselves if they want. You can sign up and get a credit within 3 minutes, all online in our system.

For more about Mynt click here

Main picture: Mynt team

Fintech + Decentralized: community hub FinDec launches in Sweden

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For years, Sweden has dominated the global innovation landscape and it is no different with the ongoing technological revolution where companies like Klarna and iZettle were put on the map. Although, Sweden has attracted two-thirds of the Nordic fintech investments, there hasn’t been a comprehensive national ecosystem.

This January, FinDec came to life as a physical and digital gathering place for Sweden’s fintech community, aiming to build a stronger ecosystem. The name FinDec is a reference to “Fintech” and “Decentralized” and will support fintech in general, including verticals for Regtech, Insurtech and Blockchain. Even before the launch, about 50 affiliated startups and established players have signed up, and strategic partnerships have been established with Helsinki Fintech Farm, Oslo Fintech Hub and Copenhagen Fintech.

Behind FinDec are industry veterans with extensive experience from the financial sector and tech industry. Among these are Mats Holmfeldt (Paynova, Resurs, Intrum, Swedbank, SEB), Anette Nordvall (business angel), Lars Arvidson (Ericsson), Stig Johansson (Finansinspektionen), and blockchain experts Daniel Zachrisson and Jens Frid to name a few.

In addition to coming investments in co-working, offices and physical gatherings, Findec will also launch a digital platform during the first quarter in order to be able to service all companies in the country with the same information and accessibility to networks, events, reports, mentors, advisors and investors.

Blockchain PR is a starting a content collab with FinDec

For more info about FinDec click here

Main photo: FinDec’s launch party at Embassy House

Blockchain 360° conference: Nordic’s most important event happens in Stockholm

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Blockchain PR is proud to be invited to take part of the Blockchain360° conference – one of the most senior conferences in the Nordics  happening in Stockholm 12th – 13th November 2018.

The Swedish Blockchain Association (SBA) is teaming up with Blockchain 360 ° – Sweden’s first news site bringing the latest about the Swedish and international blockchain scene – to bring one of the best blockchain conferences in the Nordics.

“Already in the first day we had thousands of readers – the interest is huge,” says John Uggla, chief editor of Blockchain 360 °.

That’s why the Swedish Blockchain Association (SBA) was so keen to team up with Blockchain 360 ° . Behind SBA are Andreas Johansson and Benjamin Dahl, both early believers in Blockchain and decentralization.

“It feels extremely fun to work with the people who were involved in the first steps of blockchain in Sweden. Andreas Johansson and Benjamin Dahl, and the network that they built, will contribute with comprehensive skills and know-how about technology and industry while we hope to give a fair picture of how hugely exciting this sector is. We feel like an unbeatable team” said Daniele Truini, head of events at Blockchain 360 °.

Indeed, Stockholm and Sweden became a bubble of innovation power, driven by a new generation of entrepreneurs. Cryptocurrencies finally made their way into everyday conversations in Sweden – 2017 was the year the word blockchain reached mainstream, hence the demand of a event of this importance.

World’s top industry experts tell all at Blockchain 360 °

During Blockchain 360 ° (12th – 13h November 2018), several of the world’s top experts in blockchain gather together to give companies and organizations a unique insight into the blockchain technology. Plus, exciting seminars varying from workshops to examining successful cases, will help businesses adapt and develop business models for future entrepreneurship.

A good example is Sven Edgren of Norwegian DNV GL, who will tell how the Chinese platform VeChain has linked goods and logistics to blockchain. By following the product from farm to shelf, consumers will have a fully transparent picture from the product’s origin – that wouldn’t be possible without blockchain.

For more information about the event’s program click here.

For live updates of the conference follow Ana Paula Picasso on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Press contact for the event:
Daniele Truini, Head of Events – Blockchain 360° & ContentLab by Differ